How You Can Help

Report an Entangled Whale

Whether you’re sailing, kayaking, whale watching, fishing or just standing on the coast, you can have a direct impact in saving an entangled whale’s life by:

  1. Calling (877) SOS-WHALE (877–767–9425), or hailing the U.S. Coast Guard on VHF CH-16.
  2. Relaying the whale’s exact location in latitude and longitude. Learn How
  3. Staying with the whale until we arrive, if possible.

Learn more about reporting entangled whales »

Make a Donation

The whales we rescue can measure 60 feet in length, weigh 40 tons, and travel hundreds of miles in just a couple of days. Our equipment is custom-made to handle these special challenges, and can be very expensive. Since our work is funded almost entirely by donations, our ability to save whales relies on the generosity of supporters like you.